About Jeedo

Hi. My name’s Al Aquino, in case you are wondering why Jeedo, well simply because its my nick name. I started this blog because I realized that a lot of people shared free and valuable information on the world wide web, minus the spam of course. I’m thankful to those who generously shared and I believe its now my turn to give back. Other than that, what really kick-started this blog was that too many people have been asking too many questions to the point that I can make a second career out of being a living help desk.

Currently, I’m working full time as a project manager for an outsourcing company here in the Philippines. I’m married to a beautiful and wonderful wife and we have a daughter and a son. This is my personal blog but I doubt if you’ll be reading anything about myself on this blog. I want to make sure that each one of my posts has value and will be helpful one way or another to somebody else half way across the world.

With that, I’m very thankful you dropped by. I hope you’ll learn a few useful nuggets or so from this blog. Feedbacks and comments are always welcome. If you wish to contact me, just shoot me an e-mail at me at jeedo dot net. Oh, you might want to try sharing something of value today, you’ll be surprised, trust me.

Warm regards,