Just yesterday, I couldn’t finish a 6GB transfer to my Seagate Central NAS because my wireless connection kept dropping. Found out that this is a common problem for the D-Link DIR-615 router. Only solution would be to update the firmware to DD-WRT.

So upgrade I did. These are the steps I took to complete the upgrade.

Download DD-WRT Firmware

Searched on the DD-WRT database if there was an update for my router, fortunately there was (revision C2).

dir-615 dd-wrt update

The row doesn’t look like its an active link but just clicked on it and this is what showed up.

dir-615 dd-wrt update files

Then proceeded to download both firmware binaries. The first image is to flash DIR-615 to DD-WRT, the second image is to upgrade the DD-WRT firmware.

Update Firmware to DD-WRT

Connected D-Link DIR-615 directly to my computer via ethernet. Logged in to D-Link’s web interface. Under Tools -> Firmware, I uploaded the first image, dir615c1-factory-to-ddwrt-firmware.bin. Then hit the upload button.

Waited for a couple of minutes then the router became unreachable. Normal under these conditions since my D-Link router was configured to be accessed at this IP address,, after the DD-WRT firmware install, ip address defaults to

Logged in to the web interface. Then went ahead and upgraded the firmware with the second image, dir615c1-firmware.bin. Found it via Administration Tab -> Firmware Upgrade.

After the reboot, wireless radio was off. For some quirky reason, I had to enable clone mac to get the radio on.

dir-615 dd-wrt update clone mac

Then I used the following configuration for my Wireless network.

dir-615 dd-wrt wireless configuration

A couple of notes, throughout all the process I used the Firefox browser. I didn’t do any hex edits or did a any configuration reset.

Already threw around 50GB worth of files big and small and so far WiFi hasn’t dropped yet (crossing my fingers).  So I guess I’m keeping this hardware for now, it’s not the fastest but it’s stable enough for my use.

Hope this helps ^_^



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