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If you are like me who constantly uses Google Calendar to keep track of deadlines and events, here’s a nifty feature that you may have not used yet: Getting reminders to your mobile cellphone.

To setup mobile reminders in Google Calendar:

1. Click the Settings link on the upper left corner of the calendar.

2. On the next window click on Mobile Setup.

3. Fill in the required fields. You’ll be required to put in your country, your (mobile) phone number and a verification code.

4. The (mobile) phone number must be in this format +XXYYYZZZZZZZ, where X is the country code (yes the plus sign is required), Y is the area code (or the network code) and Z is the phone number.

5. Make sure all the details in the field are correct, then click on the Send Verification Code button.

6. If all goes well you should receive a six digit number from google which is your verification code. It may take a while so give it a couple of minutes.

7. Type in the digits you received on the Verification code field and click Finish setup. Click on the Save button and you are set to receive reminders on our cellphone.

After this though please take note that you need to setup your calendars to send notification via SMS to your mobile phone. You can jump here to learn how to enable sms reminders on Google Calendar. ^_^


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Phishing not to be confused with fishing, is an illegal means of obtaining somebody else’s sensitive information such as credit card details, user names or passwords. The way phishing works is that a legitimate looking e-mail is sent to an unwary victim. The phishing e-mail contains a link that directs the victim to a legitimate […]


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For the benefit of those who don’t know, the Windows autoplay feature is actually a security risk. The default behavior of Windows when you insert a CD into a drive or insert a portable drive (USB drive or USB hard disks) is to look for autorun.inf in the root directory and execute embedded commands. While […]


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I just noticed that a couple of people have been looking for a guide to install kb888111xpsp2.exe (kb888111xpsp2). This is usually needed for Realtek powered audio systems to run properly in most computers with Windows XP SP2. In case you get a Microsoft Bus Driver error, you might be missing this as well. Please take […]


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Just bought a 16GB SanDisk USB drive today and to my surprise it came with an extra software I don’t want (called the U3 Launchpad). Now don’t get me wrong, I’m sure the software might be useful for those who want data portability but I just want a plain USB drive nothing more nothing less. […]


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If you are not too comfortable about slipstreaming a SATA driver on your Windows XP installation software for your Acer 4730z. This is an alternative. Take note that this is specific only for the Acer 4730z laptops, and will also work for other laptop models (and even different brands), so long as the laptop BIOS […]


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This is a guide to install, downgrade (or upgrade whatever you call it) Windows XP drivers on your Acer 4730z laptop. This is specific for the Acer 4730z-321G16Mn series shipped to the Philippines. Before we start installing the drivers I’m assuming that you already have Windows XP installed on your laptop. In case you need […]


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This article will show you how to slipstream a SATA driver for the Acer 4730z on Windows XP. This is required if you want to install Windows XP on your Acer 4730z with SATA enabled. Before we start you’ll be needing the following: Blank CD or DVD CD or DVD writer Windows XP SP2 (licensed […]


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