Installing Windows 7 32 bit on Acer 4730z

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I just installed Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit on my wife’s Acer Aspire 4730z laptop (previous OS was Windows XP SP2) and all I can say is that its FAST! I was skeptical about the gains over XP but after the install, complete patch and driver updates, the laptop was never faster.

Here’s how I went about the installation:

1. Boot with the Windows 7 Ultimate CD and (clean) installed the 32 bit version since the Acer 4730z has only 2GB of memory.
2. Waited for the installation to complete (yep MS just made their installation easier).
3. Installed the following drivers:

chipset (Intel)
vga (Intel)
wireless lan (atheros)
card reader (jmicron)

The drivers enumerated above were installed for stability. With the default vga driver, the laptop display blacks out when I play DirectX games. The wireless connection disconnects randomly with the default WiFi driver and MS can’t find a driver for the card reader.

A couple of things to note:

1. Didn’t need to slipstream a SATA driver since the installer detected the SATA hard disk fine.
2. Detected and installed default drivers for all devices except the card reader. Some drivers had issues though, but driver updates fixed it.
3. Boot, reboot and shutdown are noticeably faster (hibernate remains about the same on the off stage but is faster on waking up).

For a complete list of the Acer 4730z Windows 7 drivers you can download it from here. Choose notebook from the menu and then the corresponding model.

Just in case you are looking for the Windows XP drivers for the Acer Aspire 4730z you can find it here. Hope this helps ^_^

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Spectre April 12, 2010 at 5:09 pm

Sounds good, I have the same Acer Aspire 4730z with Vista Home Premium, and now that I have my Win7 Ultimate install disks, I’m planning to do the 32bit clean install. All the drivers I require have been collected and I’m hopeful things will work fine when I’m done.

I’m curious though, have you experienced any problems with the DVD-RW (either playing or burning dvd’s), or the wifi – signalup?

Except for the Acer Launch manager, I won’t be installing any Acer bundles *whew* so that should help things considerably; I’ve heard of people having a rating of 3.1 before they upgraded to Win7, then without the acer bundle attaining a 3.3 rating. Sounds promising.

Jeedo April 12, 2010 at 8:41 pm

Hi Spectre. Thanks for dropping by. Wishing you the best on your install, hopefully everything should go smoothly for you like I did on mine assuming you have the same hardware as mine.

My wife’s Windows Experience Index is 3.5, the lowest being the graphics card. It has an Intel 4500 onboard video but its already good enough for all office applications save for graphic intensive games.

Should you come across problems, just shoot me a question here at the comment section, good luck!

Spectre April 19, 2010 at 4:24 am

Well… the Windows 7 Ultimate *CLEAN* install went swimingly. Most everything appears to be working, and my WEI states a 3.3 so that much is good.

I’m concerned though about the athero’s AR5B91, adaptor properties says its a b….This is supposed to be a Wifi a/b/g/n adaptor which is what I had on Vista Home Premium before the upgrade. Am I missing something here?

Jeedo April 19, 2010 at 7:47 am

Hi Spectre, gratz on the smooth install. About your question, which particular tab in the wireless network properties are you looking at? I have an Atheros AR5008X so my card could be different from yours.

In any case, the way you can see your real connection bandwidth is to click on the wireless connection icon on the taskbar. Then hover your cursor to whichever wireless connection you are tethered, right click and select status. The two important sections that you will be interested in looking at are the Speed and Signal Quality.

Even if you have a wireless network card that supports n, you’ll need to have a wireless access point that supports n and configured to broadcast the wireless n protocol.

One more thing, don’t forget to update Windows, make sure you download the security and driver updates. You can skip the other optional updates.

Spectre April 19, 2010 at 9:42 am

Good news, I’m able to have two 22″ Acer X223W widescreen monitors working with this little 14.1″ lappy heh, using VGA direct to one of them since theres only one VGA port on this. The second one is tethered through an external UGA (usb 2.0 Display adaptor DH-88) from Arkview using one of the usb ports via a usb hub…. the nifty thing about that is later when I get a HDTV the Arkview will take an HDMI feed. Its a breeze juggling three displays loving it. If you ever end up getting an Arkview DH-88 be sure to visit the manufacturer’s site for the Win7 drivers, it makes a huge difference.

In other news, the Athero’s wifi adaptor versions I’ve tried and earlier both seem to give me wifi ‘b’ still not seeing the g/n. Was wondering if maybe I’m missing a module for Acer’s SignalUp/Nplify. I’m not able to connect to routers using “N” bands like I did before the upgrade. Is going to continue the hunt until I get this ‘fixed’. The Acer Guy’s site is pretty good with these things but not a thing mentioned about the SignalUP or Nplify or anyone else experiencing a problem with their Atheros AR5B91 adaptors like this.

Jeedo April 19, 2010 at 2:27 pm

Thanks for the tip, will definitely take note ^_^ From what you are describing it could really be a driver issue. It’s odd though since I didn’t have any problems connecting to an N band wifi network after installing the driver, the driver I used though came bundled with Windows 7. Unfortunately my wife’s laptop isn’t here as of writing this but soon as she gets home I should be able to investigate more.

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