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I’ve set my laptop to sleep after half an hour but sometimes I need to leave immediately and I want to sleep it right away, however for the nth time I’ve accidentally shutdown my computer instead of putting it to sleep.

Solution (which I’ve been putting off for a long time)? Change the default action on the start menu lower right button to sleep!

This is how it’s done:

1. Hover your cursor to the Start button and right click.

2. Click on Properties and you should see a tabbed window like this.

shutdown shortcut to sleep

3. On the right side of the Power button action, you should see a drop down. The action you select will define what shortcut will show on the start menu. In my case I want to set it to sleep.

shutdown shortcut to sleep4. When you’ve made a selection, click on Apply and OK.

5. Done! Now when I click on the Start button, I’m a 100% sure I won’t accidentally shutdown my computer.

shutdown shortcut to sleepHope this helps ^_^


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